Naruto Manga 655 Scans – Kakashi and Minato

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naruto manga 655

The first time was said by all the anti-Naruto skill people like yourself to be subsconcious. However, during the clash with Obito, Naruto called his friend consciously, and they responded. Naruto even used his chakra inside them to allow their bodies to control the Rasengan. In fact, I would rather say that Naruto was controlling the shape and power of the Rasengan through his chakra while the guys just followed the pace.

It was subconscious when Shikamaru was revived. It was stated by Ino. Naruto calling them consciously later doesn’t change the fact that it was subconscious when he revived Shikamaru. And of course he controlled the Rasengan. No one in the alliance aside from Kakashi and Minato know how to perform Rasengan.

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