Naruto 665 Chapter – Naruto 665 Release Date

If he were to be revived by nagato with the help of black zetsu,naruto 665 put into spiral zetsu to boost his power & life force (Clearly works for Yamato) and then harvested back his eyes. He could use the chakra absorbing path (Like nagato did as an Edo and became youthful again) to regain his youth and stomp the bijuu.I know what you’re saying, He wanted to be revived and then seal the juubi inside him asap to short cut the whole process. But there is much more fool proof way which is a massive plot hole.I guess it didn’t happen like that because Kishi hadn’t created the story line that far yet.


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665


It was established that they were about even, something that had pretty much remained til their final battle. Madara took on both Onoki and Muu, two top-tier shinobi, without even having to go all out. Dan doubted the idea that the Gokages could handle him despite not even knowing about his new power-ups. Even Hhashirama had trouble with a weakened Madara. What big assumption? We know he was still mobile because he went and placed his eyes in Nagato. And the only reason stated that he couldn’t leave his cave was due to being so near death.Sure there was. With others under the belief that he was restrained, and therefore harmless, they were less likely to focus on him before he was ready. He made it so he wasn’t a threat on the battlefield anymore. That wasn’t a risk, because as mentioned before, he had already activated his plan and was resisting. It would only have been a risk if they had attempted to seal him before Obito had been dealt with, but that wasn’t gonna happen because Obito was a much bigger threat at the time. As said before, whether Obito lived or died didn’t matter. Again, the Rinnegan already allowed Madara to control Obito once like a Path, and would still have been effective with an actual dead Obito.

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